The Wider Curriculum

Leadership and Service (L&S)

At Harrow Shanghai, we believe that all pupils, irrespective of age, who have a wide experience of extra-curricular activities are better educated, more able to work in teams, more confident to express their creative talent and more prepared to assume leadership roles.

We also believe that it is the duty of a school with the heritage and traditions of the name Harrow, to guide its pupils in the discovery of these opportunities, whether it is in sports, the performing and creative arts, or in the multitude of other pursuits and crafts that our pupils can experience at the school.

This is the inspiration for our unique Leadership and Service programme, which provides for our pupils a very wide range of activities and opportunities based on six themes:

  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Service
  • Creativity
  • Challenge
  • Charity

Lunchtime L&S

This year we have had the opportunity to offer a range of exciting activities due to our new and, perhaps unique, extended lunchtime. Lunch break runs from 11:50 am to 1:10 pm. This gives our pupils and staff time to relax and have a healthy meal; then from 12:30 there are a wide range of challenges on offer. Music ensembles, choirs, the world-renowned Duke of Edinburgh Award (for Years 9 and up), football, table tennis (ping-pong), and many other sports, swimming (before lunch), chess, several debating activities including MUN and the World Scholar’s Cup, Chinese board games, taekwondo and of course rehearsals for our excellent drama productions. These activities are delivered by both our own exceptional and dedicated staff and by outside professionals to ensure, like all things Harrow, the standards are second-to-none.

Afternoon L&S

On four afternoons a week our Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep and even Early Years pupils have access to the Leadership and Service programme. For our younger pupils in particular, this is a journey of self-discovery. Hidden skills and aptitudes often come to light, giving them a genuine sense of achievement from succeeding in a totally unexpected area. It is all great fun and an opportunity to make new friends away from the classroom or their Houses. All of our activities are also designed to be aligned, where possible, with the key features of Leadership for a Better World