The Wider Curriculum

Performing and Creative Arts

“Art without malice” – words taken from ‘Forty Years On’, the Harrow School song.

Whether it’s learning a musical instrument, playing in ensembles, singing in choirs, performing in plays, or discovering a talent for public speaking and debating, the opportunity for creative expression at Harrow Shanghai sets our pupils on a lifetime of personal enrichment and enjoyment.

At Harrow Shanghai, we strive to have a fully inclusive ethos to the performing arts. We believe that by encouraging all pupils to participate in creative activities, they will be developing skills such as self-confidence and teamwork, that will be of great value to them in the future.

All pupils from Pre-Nursery to Year 9 have a weekly class Music lesson, taught by a specialist teacher. Drama is also taught as a specialist class lesson from Year 5. Pupils in Years 10 and above can also opt to study Music and Drama at GCSE and A Level, following the Edexcel specification.

Through our Leadership and Service programme, all pupils in the Prep and Senior Schools have the opportunity to be involved with a drama production over the course of the year. All Prep and Senior school pupils also have the opportunity to play an instrument in the Harrow Wind Band and sing in a choir. Pupils in the Pre-Prep also take part in a wide range of age-appropriate activities, designed to develop their confidence, creativity and collaborative skills.

Pupils in the Senior, Prep and Pre-Prep Schools are also given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through our programme of private instrument lessons. Lessons on piano and violin are available to pupils in Year 1 and above. Lessons on guitar and drums are available to pupils in Year 3 and above. Lessons on flute, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet and trombone are available to pupils in Year 5 and above. We also have a limited stock of violins and wind instruments available for short-term rent.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Performing Arts department directly, by emailing