The Wider Curriculum

Sport at Harrow Shanghai

Sport and Physical Education (PE) at Harrow Shanghai follows a three-branch model of Participation, Competition and Excellence.

All pupils have a timetabled lesson of PE with a specialist PE teacher. The curriculum within these lessons is extremely wide and varied, but focuses on expanding the pupils’ basic sporting skills and coordination, while introducing them to a wide variety of activities and giving them the fundamentals to be able to participate in sport way beyond their time at Harrow. Pupils in Nursery through to Year 6 also have a dedicated swimming lesson on their weekly timetable. All lessons have a long-term goal of promoting and fostering a life-long love of sport and exercise.

As well as curriculum PE, we are proud to be able to offer the study of PE GCSE and A level. This examinable, in-depth and more academic study of sports and exercise, gives our pupils the qualifications, skills and knowledge to go on and access sports-related degree courses at top universities around the world.

All pupils in Year 1 to 13 have two, 75-minute dedicated sports specific training sessions on their timetable every week. These are part of our Leadership and Service (LAS) programme. LAS sport happens from 3.00pm to 4.15pm on Monday and Wednesday for Years 1 to 4 and on Tuesday and Thursday for Years 5 to 13. The LAS sport sessions closely resemble what is more traditionally known as a ‘games’ session in leading UK independent schools, such as Harrow UK. LAS sport sessions are the first opportunity to gain a more dedicated and sports specific training session with a view to that training leading towards competitive fixtures in either Inter House competitions or against other schools both locally and internationally.

The LAS sport programme forms the basis of our sport training and squad training, allowing pupils to be selected to perform and compete for the school. This also entails regular participation in Saturday and midweek fixtures, tournaments and/or training.

As well as the LAS sport programme after school, the lunchtime programme offers our pupils the opportunity to access a greater range of competitive sport. These sports and training sessions are on offer at lunch times from 12:20pm to 1:05pm. Activities include:



Table Tennis

Competitive Swimming




(* paid for as part of ESP)

(Please note that not all sports run all year round)

If you have any questions about the PE and sport provision, please contact Mr Willis (