Pastoral Care

Introduction to Pastoral Care

Derived from the tried and trusted practices of Harrow UK, pastoral care is an essential and crucial feature of school life for our Shanghai Harrovians. Pastoral care involves monitoring the academic, social, physical  and emotional wellbeing of each pupil,  and initiating strategies to respond to any concerns which may arise in these areas. It also involves supporting and encouraging pupils in all endeavours in which they excel.

In the Pre-Prep and Early Years, pastoral care is primarily the responsibility of the pupil’s classroom teacher, who is of course the teacher who spends most time with them.  In addition, these pupils, as are all the pupils in the school, are members of one of our Houses:  Byron, Churchill, Rothschild and Shaftesbury, all named after famous Harrovians from Harrow UK.  Therefore, pupils in Pre-Prep and Early Years also come together as a house community.  Pupils are awarded house points, which are totalled at the end of each academic year with the winning house going on a reward trip.

For each House in the Senior and Prep Schools there is a Housemaster or Housemistress, who cares for all of their pupils in the House, and is the parents’ first port of call, in addition to a tutor, responsible for pupils in a year group within their House.