The school

Harrow Family

The Harrow family of schools comprises Harrow School (established 1572) and John Lyon School (1878) in London, and the Harrow International Schools in Bangkok (1998), Beijing (2005) and Hong Kong (2012). Harrow Shanghai became the fourth overseas school when it opened in August 2016.

The Harrow International Schools, while not attempting to replicate Harrow School in the UK, do seek to reflect the unique qualities which have over the centuries made it such a famous and great school. Hence the importance of academic success, a rich extra-curricular programme and pastoral care of a quality for which the name Harrow is renowned. By pursuing this time-honoured Harrovian way, the Harrow International Schools create a learning environment in which leaders are nurtured with the skills, interests and aspirations needed to take responsibility for their own actions and, equally important, those which can benefit others.

The Harrow family of schools collaborate in a wide variety of ways. There are exchanges of staff and students, and regular meetings of teaching and administrative counterparts.  Every year, after the IGCSE examinations, Year 11 students from all the schools come together for the `Informed Leadership for a Shared Future’ conference. Ten representatives from each school engage in a week of debates and discussions regarding a ‘better future’ and their role in shaping it. The closeness of the family is perhaps best illustrated by the number of teachers who have moved from one school to another. Harrow Shanghai has already benefited from this movement.

There is an equally strong connection in the governance of the schools with two Harrow School UK governors serving on the governing boards of all the Harrow International Schools and paying termly visits to each school. In this way, the Harrow School UK governors provide oversight, direction and guidance for the schools.