The school

The structure of the school

Harrow Shanghai is an Early Years to Year 13 co-educational, day and boarding school with the following sections:

Early Years: Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception

Pre-Prep: Years 1 to 4

Prep SchoolYears 5 to 8

Senior School: Years 9 to 11

Sixth Form: Years 12 and 13

All sections of the school essentially follow the English National Curriculum. We also make best use of the flexibility our situation in Shanghai affords us to serve effectively the international nature of our pupil body and staff, while also respecting our host culture and traditions here in China.

While Early Years and Pre-Prep have a key focus on primary education, our Prep section aims to smooth the transition to senior schooling in a less abrupt manner than having a such distinct primary/secondary divide common to so many schools. We do this by combining some of the thematic approaches to learning, more often associated with primary education, with a greater emphasis on subject knowledge. Senior School pupils prepare for external international examinations at IGCSE level in Years 10 and 11, studying as many as ten or eleven subjects, several of which they have the option of selecting. The Sixth Form provides our pupils with access to courses of higher education anywhere in the world, by giving them the skills and knowledge for success at A level in up to five subjects.

Facilities have been thoughtfully designed to support outstanding curriculum delivery, whether, to name just a few, it is in the impressive, purpose-built Early Years Centre, the many, spacious, age-appropriate classrooms, the variety of fully-equipped specialist learning spaces or the dedicated examinations and Sixth Form centres.